A Blog is Born

As this is my first post I should probably explain what this blog will be about. Chances are if you’ve found this then it’s because I sent you a link, but just in case, I’m a second year student in university and in December I applied to be an English Language Assistant in France through the British Council in the coming academic year. Since then it’s been a long wait until finding out more details about my placement, but finally… 

Two days ago I got a phone call from a fellow ELA-in-France hopeful, Rachel, telling me that she’d finally found out which region she was going to be in. Having been waiting since December to find out, we were both pretty excited to know that the places were being allocated. Happily, I later got a phone call from home telling me that I’d got my placement too, so I know which region I will be placed in. 

The letter, which was read out to me over the phone, listed a few helpful things for me to do next, such as checking out the British Council website again and looking around the stuff for foreign language assistants, but having read it it seems there’s not much more for me to do now than sit tight and wait for contact from my school…


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