The admin begins…

It has been a very busy weekend for me. First of all my first information pack arrived from my Académie in France (which corresponds roughly to our Local Education Authorities), along with a few forms to be filled in. In addition, the British Council sent a lot of stuff through for me to read, and finally, the head of English in my French school sent me a lovely email.The stuff from the Académie was very simple, there was one form to return, a “coupon réponse”, confirming my intent to take up my post on the first of October. They also included a lot of helpful reading material, which gives details of the average school week in France, the scheduling of their school holidays and other useful information. I also had to return a form (in English this time) to the British Council, to the same effect as the French one.

I think I’ve been very lucky to be placed in this Académie, as they have been very quick off the mark with letting me know my exact post, and getting in contact. As far as I know none of my friends in other regions have been quite so lucky.

Finally, I was advised by the British Council to write to my head of school (le Proviseur for a Lycée) and also the head of English there, who had already emailed me, so all that admin will be sent off tomorrow.


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