Today was a reasonably good day. I did two lessons with the terminales 2 and 3 – the ones who are going to take their exam this year. The lesson was about how to work with a printed document, of the type they’ll be given in their exam. It wasn’t the most exciting lesson in the world, but I hope it has laid the groundwork for the more interesting stuff to come.

With class 4 of terminales, I chatted to one pupil at a time about whatever came to their minds. Now I’ve met all of them, tomorrow the teacher and I are going to split them into groups and have them do a talk show style debate, with their roles randomly distributed. This is something that I know makes you talk, because it was something my teachers made me do!

Today there were national transport strikes in France, over pensions. Some of the buses were still running here. Some of the teachers were striking in support, but may also be striking separately. Szarko hasn’t really helped the issue with his “Lettre aux Educateurs”, which is linked from the Ministry of Education website. Everyone I try to engage in conversation about it and pulls a face muttering about propaganda.

The best thing about today has to be the fact that I found a juggling club ten minutes walk away from my school, and I can join it! There were a couple of people there from my building, and everyone was really friendly.

Finally, I discovered a news website for English speakers living in France. Here is their report on today’s strikes.


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