Introduction to the Holga

This is my Holga

My Holga

I bought it a year ago in Bologna – though they can be easily found on eBay for less cash! I’d never even heard of the camera before I bought it, and I spent a few days considering the purchase before I finally went for it. I’ve had a couple of rolls of film through it now – I don’t like to take too many as it’s expensive to develop the 120 film (£9 for the 12 exposures). My favourite roll is by far the most recent one, my first black and white film (pictured above).

The Tower

Here is the second shot on the roll, the chapel tower. My Holga is finally developing that natural vignette effect so praised on the lomography website. It’s a nice focaliser. I’m also a fan of the slight grain, and I love the fact that it manages to capture clouds on a sunny day!

Today I also loaded my first film into my polaroid…


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