Cadbury Roses

Cadbury Roses are lovely, but there is one drawback for me. Nuts! There’s something for everyone in the big tins of colourful loveliness, but what if the there is no one in your household to eat one particular flavour? Let’s take the merits of the flavours one at a time, for the benefit of people who have never had the pleasure of tasting them. I’m going to take this from the worst to the best.

10. Hazel Whirl

This has small fragments of hazelnut whipped up with chocolate. The ultimate nightmare as the nuts are inextricable from the chocolatey goodness. I would imagine that these would be very popular with nut lovers, but I’m afraid I can’t abide them. These might end up in the bin if no one visits to eat them.

9. Brazilian Darkness 

The brazil nut doesn’t taste of anything, and this is the only dark chocolate themed sweet. Thus, it is saved from being bottom by being edible. But only just! Interesting though that the Cadbury big tin only includes on dark chocolate sweet.

8. Hazel in Caramel

Another one for nut lovers. A chocolate shell filled with runny caramel with a whole hazelnut floating around in there too. This is saved by the fact that the hazelnut is whole, so a whole-tin attempt can be made as long as you don’t mind swallowing hazelnuts whole. Or spitting them out. This is still not one of the good ones.

7. Caramel 

Now we’re in the clear, no nasty surprises lurking. The caramel sweet is very hard caramel with a chocolate coating, it’s very chewy and lasts a long time, but doesn’t really do much for me. The bright blue wrapper doesn’t particularly inspire me either, but it does contribute to the colourful tin.

6. Cadbury Dairy Milk

Delicious of course, but perfectly accessible in its very own massive bar. Why is this in here? Still, it’s very tasty as all Dairy Milk is. Perhaps best described as a filler. I’m not sure who might pick this as a number one, but perhaps those people are out there… Sometimes you think you have more of these than you actually do and can be disappointed!

5. Country Fudge 

An unusual choice but very tasty. Light airy fudge with a chocolate coating. I’m surprised that it comes so high on my list, but it’s still very firmly a middle choice. The fudge itself is exactly the same fudge sweet that you find in the Cadbury Heroes, just in a different wrapper.

4. Caramel Velvet

This one is in sparse company, with three elements rather than just a flavour/shell combo. A small amount of runny caramel with some lighter chocolate mousse underneath, coated in chocolate. It has a little extra something over the hard caramel. Very tasty and melts in the mouth. Not sure about the green though.

3. Golden Barrel

Now it’s getting good as we’re in the top three. There is nothing especially world-shaking about this sweet, it is just like a generous square of Cadbury Caramel. Plenty of caramel wrapped in chocolate. These used to be Caramel Keg in the distant past.

2. Tangy Orange Creme

It’s a close second – on another day it may well have been first. The Tangy Orange Creme has a velvety orange melty fondant with a lovely strong orange flavour. Some people think they taste of the children’s medicine Calpol. The bright orange wrapper is begging to be removed! I usually end up eating one of these between each of the number one sweets…

1. Strawberry Dream 

The winner… today. The strawberry dream is a lovely creamy strawberry fondant with just the right balance of chocolate casing to keep it in. These are always gone first. Things that are bright pink don’t usually attract me but in this case it’s like a moth to a flame. Visitors choosing these do so at their own risk!

The big tin actually has a very good balance between all of the sweets, though you never seem to get the same number of each in a tin. I wish that one day a factory error will give me a tin containing only the top three. I’d settle for the top five. Which is your favourite?


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