Gingerbread House

I don’t like gingerbread, but I do like festive food. I read a lovely post a few years ago at Baked Bree and decided to give it a go for myself. I didn’t use a template as such, but measured out my own pieces, cut from a batch of Bree’s gingerbread recipe. The gingerbread was fine, and really easy to make. The construction of the house was not so simple – it did not go as well as it could have done.  That said, I am not disappointed by the fact I managed to make an actual house that only fell down once. I have learned a lot for the next attempt…

  1. Make a really stiff icing to glue the pieces together.
  2. Take into account the thickness of the gingerbread when making the side pieces. My roof ended up at the wrong angle and sort of propped up by the too-tall side walls.
  3. Decide whether the gable ends are going inside the other walls or outside. Then measure your roof size from there!

Don’t compare the photo TOO much with Bree’s beautiful creation… I swear they’re identical. This photo is before the emergency re-pointing and re-arrangement of pieces. Can you see the walls collapsing?

Gingerbread House


Just wait until you see next year’s…




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