Nikon D3100

Last year I bought one of these and I have to admit to hardly even using it. I’m not sure why. I can blame a lack of time, lack of things to photograph… but there’s not really any point!

I had been used to using an Olympus SP5600-UZ which I was given in 2007 as a Christmas present. This camera had itself been an upgrade from my point and shoot Olympus I’d had previously. Although I don’t think I really used my Olympus to its full potential, I basically spent too much time on Flickr in the end and saw a lot of things that I just couldn’t do with the camera I had. I invested in my Nikon D3100 as soon as I could justify the spend!

I am only now beginning to get to grips with it. The beauty of my Olympus (and the thing that started to frustrate me) was that so much of it was automatic that it took away my need to think. I was able to take photographs I was proud of by letting the camera do most of the thinking for me. Eventually I began to use A and S modes to get the effects I wanted, but can’t claim that much understanding about them – I didn’t especially need to understand what they are, and concentrated on what they did rather than the numbers or what might physically be going on.

When I got my D3100 I realised that I was going to have to start thinking a bit more! I’m by no means afraid of the maths/physics involved, so hopefully I will get there. I feel like I understand the theory on paper but I have had trouble putting it into practice to best effect – there’s a lot to take in…

With a big trip planned this winter, and more in the pipeline in 2014, I really want to improve my skills before I go. I’m going to try and keep track of my adventures on here.

Skills mastered so far: Pointing it the right way (ish).


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