The Start of a New Adventure

I arrived here yesterday after the longest flight I’ve ever taken – it was a fairly smooth flight and everything went well, though I was definitely ready to get off by the time we landed. As I’ve only ever flown with the likes of EasyJet before it was a nice surprise to be given edible food and drinks etc, and the in-flight entertainment system meant I could at least sit and watch the Big Bang Theory and Monsters Inc to pass the time! By the time we were flying over Canada the skies had started to clear, and as we descended I got a great view of the East coast. As we landed in Newark I got my first glimpse of Manhattan and all its skyscrapers, and even spotted the Statue of Liberty on her island, looking very green in the distance.

After an hour in immigration (queuing, being photographed, having prints taken, having my luggage inspected – Jaffa Cakes are suspicious on X-Ray it appears) and picking up my bag I was happy to see that Diane hadn’t given up waiting for me in arrivals, so it was straight out into the car and off to her parents’ house in Pennsylvania. During the drive I was treated to seeing big American trucks and yellow school buses, along with a beautiful sunset as we got to her parents’ house.

Everyone was very relaxed and we spent the evening and morning eating delicious home-made food and fussing Loomis, Diane’s dog. I’m sure he appreciated all the extra attention.

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