Yesterday (Wednesday) was cold, wet and rainy, so we had a lazy morning and went to see The Hunger Games at the cinema at the Promenade. We polished off a box of Junior Mints (which are like peppermint cremes) almost before the trailers were over. After the film it started to snow and we went to The Green Pepper which was “The Authentic Burrito Joint!”. There was only one woman working there and she was VERY friendly – apparently there hadn’t been a lot of people in because of the cold weather. You did the ordering on touch screens, and took your receipt to the counter to collect your food once it was ready. The food was excellent, very natural and fresh. There were also Jarrito sodas which were super sugary and brightly coloured – a bit of a contrast to the rest of the offering! We spent some time playing pool and started a game of Risk, which turned out to be one of those ones destined to go on forever. When dinner interrupted we happily abandoned it for the beef with (the much-sought-after!) kaffir lime leaves that Diane’s mam had prepared – it was delicious of course. Jamie the cockatiel also came out to meet us, and his fascination with socks and other bits of fabric was well-demonstrated for the visitors. He even whistled us a tune alongside his usual cheeping.

It’s Thanksgiving today, and as I type the kitchen is a hive of activity. We’re not planning to eat for another five hours or so, but there’s a lot to be done. Diane’s sister and her family are coming over, as well as her grammie and grandpa, so it’s going to be a very busy day for everyone! Loomis has been taken on a mountain bike ride with Diane and Josh in a bid to wear him out before all the exciting people come over, but this has been known to fail in the past!


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