Geocaches 1, 2 and 3

I was hooked into Geocaching when visiting friends on New Year’s Eve. The following may contain spoilers for Geocachers!

We headed out after dark on Hogmanay to visit a Wild West themed cache (GC4490W), with a few experienced Geocachers following us newbies to the location. After a few faffs with the coordinates we came across the entrance to Morningside’s real life Wild West! The location itself was really interesting, and I know I certainly wouldn’t have found it without the Geocache to take me there. We quickly discovered the cache itself thanks to the clear clue.

Number one.
Number one.

As we still had plenty of buffet to walk off, we headed to another cache close by, called John Livingston’s Tomb (GC150NR). This cache was a nano cache, and it took the form of a magnetic canister of sorts, only the size of the tip of my little finger. After a lot of groping around in the dark, the cache was found hidden inside a hollow section of the gate, and extracted by strong fingers! We were all quite relieved as it was getting quite chilly.

All pile in.
…and that’s what a tiny geocache looks like

The first two finds were a lot of fun and part of it was just being out and about with good company and a task in mind. Thanks to Anna for sending me her photos from this night.

Today I found my first geocache by myself near a nature reserve (GC32WFW) (not a terribly difficult find though) and really enjoyed the challenge of locating it. Unlike the others there was a bit of ferreting about to get to it.

I am investigating some more caches close by, and there appear to be some good multicachesĀ in Newcastle and Sunderland. Now I just need to find the right company. A couple of candidates already spring to mind.


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