Geocaching Finds 8 and 9

As always, potential geocaching spoilers below!

A very quick geocaching adventure today turned up two nice caches near Souter Lighthouse, a favourite place of mine as you can see from the picture in my header.

The first (GC2MG0C) was a little scramble up a hill, and swiftly found thanks to my new best friend Obvious Geocaching Rock. It was spotted by my non-geocaching companion and at first glance the cache looked covered in mud! Eurgh! Luckily it was just some canny camouflage. The cache was swiftly retrieved, log signed and re-hidden.

I'm not touching that.

The second cache of the day (GC32HF9) was even closer to the lighthouse, and my new best friend OGR flagged up this one in fairly short order too. This cache was big enough to stash a travel bug after a quick snap.

OGR makes its second appearance of the day.
Enjoy your travels, Purple Pride!

These were two lovely caches and it was great to go hunting for them in such a familiar place! A beautiful day for a wander too. Non-geocaching companion has also expressed an interest in finding some more…


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