Flower Star

I have spent the last couple of days working on this model by Ekaterina Lukasheva. I had to cut my paper to make the units, as they are folded from 2×1 rectangles and not squares.

The modules were simple enough to fold, though did have a slightly awkward fold which I had to use a ruler to line up. It probably took around four hours to fold them all to a good standard.


Once they were folded I began to join them as you can see in the picture above. I was using a colour pattern (not my own work) to ensure I could make the model using three colours and with no two like colours touching. For a 3D model, it stayed quite flat for a long time.


The modules are grouped together in 3s (for the points) and 5s (for the flowers. The points in this model are long and narrow, and the units locked easily into place until a third one was added to a point! The design seems like it would certainly hold, but every time I tried to make a point the other side would slip free again. This was probably due to the size of paper I had decided to use, as well as its thickness.

Using tiny amounts of PVA I got more units together until it finally became 3D about halfway through.


Before long it was time to fit the final piece. I had anticipated this to be the most difficult part, but it worked just fine after a bit of coaxing.


The completed model is about 4 and a half inches in diameter, and was made with rectangles of 2×1 inches. I am sure the process would have been easier, quicker and possible glue-free had I chosen to make it larger. Maybe I should try a large size one first in future…


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