Star Sonobe by Maria Sinayskaya

This model was fairly quick and easy to complete, for a 30-unit construction. I completed this in about 4 hours, just watching TV and relaxing. I found the instructions and a tutorial on Go Origami, a new site for me. There are lots of other appealing ideas on there too so I’m sure there’ll be another visit!

I folded the 30 units on coloured/white paper in three different colours. The first few units suffered from a strange lack of symmetry at the stage above, but leaving a 1mm or so gap at the centre of the square when performing the first two folds seemed to solve it. Perhaps it had something to do with the thickness of my paper.


I found that a tiny triangle created by the last few folds stuck out of the model and created a less pleasing finish. I decided to reverse the triangles and tuck them in out of the way to get a neater end product.


As always, making the units took most of the time. The units are based on the sonobe unit which I have used many times before for other models. The sonobe units have similar structures and are very quick and simple to fold. The difference for this module is in the coloured stripes that make up each edge of the unit, creating a woven effect around the stars on the assembled model.

This might also be the model with the most pleasing inside I’ve ever seen!

This one was assembled without glue, and holds together neatly without it.

I think it would be very nice with dual-coloured paper. The finished model is about three inches in diameter and was made with squares of three inches.


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