Origami and Omelettes

As Sellappan was at work today, I spent the day with Kowshalya at her house. We have fairly little common language, so it wasn’t an especially chatty day, but we had lots of fun anyway!

She had prepared lunch when we arrived which was brinjal curry with rice, of course it was very tasty. After lunch I suggested we do some origami. We made the talking crow first and Kowshalya enjoyed it, and suggested we make some other models. I have forgotten a lot of the artistic models, so instead we made some sonobe units in different colours, three first to make the pop-up jewel, then three more to make a cube.

Kowshalya had a voracious appetite for modular origami so we went straight onto the twelve-unit multiplex challenge. After that I had to turn to my book for some more modular instructions. We spent the rest of the afternoon making the “dimpled model with curls” which is a 30-unit job, with a fairly complicated unit. We listened to some music too, Kowshalya was treated to some of the choir music I had with me.India 2014 (131)

We were only about halfway through the assembly when Mohan arrived home from work. He asked about plans for the rest of my time in India and when I told him about temple visits and he shared pictures from his temple visits with friends and family. He also showed his wedding photos which were amazing to me – 3500 people had attended his and Kowshalya’s wedding, which composed around a 36h programme, starting with a reception and ending with the ceremony itself, with many traditions to be fulfilled throughout the day.

Sellappan came back and we decided to do some “fusion cooking”. We all went to the supermarket around the corner to get the ingredients for tortilla española. The choice of spices, pulses and grains was enormous, and luckily there was a tiny section for herbs too. We went back to the house and prepared the Spanish omelette. Mohan asked if I had ever tried kulfi, which I hadn’t. While we cooked, he and Kowshalya popped out and got some for us to have. Kulfi is pretty similar to ice cream but without the air. The closest comparison is probably Mini Milk lollies. The flavour we had was almost identical to the taste of Scottish tablet, very fudgy like sweetened condensed milk. The kulfi came either in cone shapes on sticks, or in tiny mud pots with a stick to eat them with. You get a small egg-sized portion of kulfi in a pot. I’m looking forward to trying different kinds…

While we were finishing the kulfi, the omelette finished cooking. Along with the omelette we had some fried rice with herbs and lime (Sellappan’s creation) and some of the brindjal left over from yesterday. The combination was really good, though Kowshalya wasn’t having eggs she tried some, and Mohan went back for seconds so he definitely liked it.

India 2014 (139)India 2014 (141)

We made plans to visit Lalbagh gardens early in the morning before work, but ended up having a late night anyway.


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