Rest and Travel to Salem

As always, the first priority of the day was food! We went to Sellappan’s regular breakfast spot near his place. This is called Food Point and comprises an open kitchen and some standing tables, as well as a drinking water tank and a hand wash sink.

Sellappan had idly and I had chapatis, and we helped ourselves to chutney and sauce. We grabbed a pizza for my lunch later, and picked up Sellappan’s laptop from Mohan and Kowshalya’s place.

I spent a very restful day at Sellappan’s place in preparation for the journey to Salem. The pizza had been selected from the fusion menu and was paneer, coriander, fried onion and curry leaves which worked well. The tomato sauce definitely had some chilli in it, and a small sachet of chilli flakes was provided just in case you needed any more of a kick.

When Sellappan got back we packed up and went to the Food Point for dinner. I had dosa and there was more idly for Sellappan. Mohan swung by as well and then Sellappan and I caught an autorickshaw to get to the bus stop. When we arrived at the stop Sellappan called the bus driver to make sure we were not missed! It was about 11.30pm by this time and the roads were still busy. When the bus arrived we jumped on and got in our allocated seats.

The journey was about 4 hours and most people slept for a lot of the way. The seats reclined really far back so it was possible to get some rest in between the horns honking, which wasn’t that much thankfully! We paused at a rest stop where there was music playing and people eating and drinking.

We finally arrived at about 3.30am and the taxi was waiting for us. It was a short journey across town to Sellappan’s place, where we went to sleep almost straight away!


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