Welcome to the Salem Network

We had a super lazy start on our first day in Salem, after getting to bed at silly o’clock in the morning. I met Sellappan’s mam, dad and sister, Saranya, properly after seeing them through the haze of tiredness the previous night. We spent a few hours scrubbing up, getting fed and relaxing with some TV. Sellappan in particular took the art of being horizontal to a new level. I also got the opportunity to meet Sellappan’s dog, Casper, who had barked at us last night when we arrived!

When we were sufficiently recovered, we went into town and Sellappan showed me around. We even went back to his old school, where he bumped into some of his teachers. They were all happy to see him and asked how he was getting on. His old IT teacher even chatted to us about languages for a bit when he heard our Degree subjects. On the way out we saw some boys playing cricket in the yard, and I got the feeling that Sellappan was feeling very nostalgic by the time we left.

India 2014 (218)

Next we went back into town. Sellappan has friends everywhere and in every business, so we first popped into a shoe shop where Sellappan occasionally helps out an old school friend. We all chatted for a bit, until business became too brisk!

We also visited a fabric wholesalers run by a friend of an uncle of a cousin of a friend (or similar) and I picked up some nice sari fabric for my favourite patchworker.

India 2014 (235)

Finally we had a trip to the vet’s! Sellappan has become good friends with Casper’s vet, Vijay, who he calls ‘Doctor’. We chatted for a while and Sellappan caught up with all the news. Eventually though our stomachs got the better of us and we went off to a hotel for a late dinner.

India 2014 (236)


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