Daily Routine

Yesterday I was awoken at 8am by some dogs barking and the subsequent shouting that came with it. I got up after a while and breakfast was served at 10am. After that I had to wait half an hour for a shower so my food digested properly. Then pretty much immediately there was snacks, then lunch.

Sellappan’s parents went out to a coming of age function an hour and a half away, to be back later that night. Sudha came over again and we made some origami kusudama flowers, big and small, with paper that she brought. It was coloured on one side and white on the other, so was perfect for making the flowers. Saranya’s tutees arrived at about 5pm and left at 7.

Saranya cooked some fresh dosa and we had it with the remains of breakfast, and before we knew it Sellappan’s parents arrived back home and it was time for sleep!


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