Ooty Hangover

Today was (for me, at least) spent in recovery from our fast-paced extended weekend. Having arrived back at Sellappan’s flat at around 6am we definitely needed a good sleep! We had breakfast at around 11 at the Food Point (chappatti) and picked up some soap powder for washing, as well as some packed lunch for me. Sellappan went to work and I spent the day doing my washing, reading, looking at my photographs from the weekend and generally doing as little as possible.

One exciting incident from the day is worth reporting: While I was hanging the washing out to dry, a huge black insect the size of my thumb helicoptered over to the washing line. Drat that flowery laundry soap! When it realised there were no flowers it swiftly buzzed off again. Things like this are always happening here…

Sellappan returned home with a snack at about 8pm (omelette sandwich!) and while we ate that asked what I fancied for my tea. In the end, we didn’t have another meal and the previous day’s travel caught up with us easily by 10 or 11.


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