Vehicle Reversing

Recovery days in Bangalore are a very important aspect of this trip! Coming back to base allows for a certain amount of decompression, as well as giving me a chance to catch up on writing, as well as washing come clothes and getting plenty of rest to be ready for the next weekend trip. Sellappan’s flat is a very peaceful and cool place to relax.

There’s always the background noise of the city, but on the fifth floor mostly you only hear birds, construction work, and the odd vehicle reversing tune. I say tune as I haven’t heard a bland beep-beep-beep from any of the reversing vehicles since arriving here – they all have tunes resembling either birdsong or 90s polyphonic ringtones (they were so cool). I want to believe that you get a choice of reversing sounds when you buy a car.

Today’s excursion for dinner was to a hotel where we’ve eaten breakfast. It was much fuller in the evening, which was good to see. As we were getting in the lift Sellappan suggested we get some protein at the Food Point, so we headed there for an omelette to finish off.


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