Off to Chennai

I had an easy day at the flat again, catching up on my writing and photographs, and enjoyed watching the birds flying by to roost as the sun went down. There are all kinds of birds in Bangalore – lots of crows, some bright green parrots, white cranes with black legs, huge buzzard-sized hawks and even pelicans, as well as the usual sparrows and pigeons. Sellappan arrived back from work and we made preparations to go to Chennai, his university town. We packed up and headed to the Food Point (where else?) for dinner and then took a rickshaw to the bus station. We were a a whole 30 minutes early for this bus!

Sellappan got some snacks for the journey, and we waited patiently for the driver to open the door so we could get on. He was doing a fine line in ignoring everyone until about two minutes before we were due to leave! Thankfully there were only a few passengers so we all got on quickly.

My experiences in taking the night buses have varied so far. On the way to Salem the first time I didn’t get any sleep at all. On the way to Coimbatore I did do a bit of dozing, but didn’t really sleep. From Coimbatore to Bangalore the road seemed smoother and I was able to get a couple of hours in late into the journey, much to my surprise!  This time I managed maybe an hour or two, and was just starting to wake up again as we entered the city.

She we stepped off the bus into the bus station the higher humidity was obvious, but not too bad as the sun was only just rising. We got on another bus through town and then finally walked to Jay and Shalini’s place. Where we crashed!


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