Going to the Pictures

Once Sellappan was back from work we went out to see a film – my first experience of going to the cinema in India! Sellappan chose Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal a Tamil rom com (trailer). We had to get there 30 minutes early to pick up the tickets, which we did on the ground floor. After that there was time for Sellappan to stock up on some calories in the form of freshly squeezed sugar cane juice, and mini poori.

The cinema was on the top floor, past a paintball range, a mechanical bull and a bowling alley. The cinema was on the top floor and as with the mall, you have to walk through a scanner (airport-style) before you go in. Once you clear security, you can buy as many burritos, nachos, buckets of popcorn, burgers, ice creams…as you like.

We went into screen three and found our allocated seats. We were the only ones in the cinema! Sellappan popped out for the loo and then hoards of people came into the cinema. When he got back Sellappan said that apparently the staff member on the door had asked him how he’d managed to get in – clearly we had somehow evaded his gaze when walking into the totally unguarded auditorium.

The film started with only a couple of adverts leading into it.

The film was shot mainly with a very narrow depth of field, and was mostly very pretty and ever so nice. There was only one scene with mild peril, as the BBFC would put it. There were a few songs (oh man, not another song, said Sellappan) during which the protagonists were mysteriously transported to Europe, Australia and somewhere else in Asia, to provide a nice backdrop for their dance extravaganzas. The comedian got plenty of laughs and clapping from the crowd, though I only really appreciated his slapstick.

During the intermission halfway through the film, a menu was projected onto the screen proclaiming the full range of snacks on offer. As the screening was about 3 hours long it was good to get a short break! We managed to resist the snacks, though plenty of people came back into the auditorium with things to munch.

In the second half as in the first, Sellappan translated the more crucial scenes, and the film wrapped up nicely at the end, though without a big dance number…

We had a light dinner at food point (I had an omelette) before it was time to recharge.


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