Cuisine Mix

After a day at the office, Sellappan suggested a restaurant for our evening meal. We went to Savoury Seashell Bangalore, the same chain we had visited in Chennai. In the true spirit of fusion, we chose;

Chicken Shwarama Wrap

Main: Butter Nan and Singapore Chicken

Dessert: Ice Cream Milkshake / Mini Falooda


Count the countries!

Meanwhile the network was at work and Sellappan made some arrangements for our trip North this weekend. Unfortunately his falooda melted somewhat.

We finished it up and headed for a surprise visit to Sujay, Suprya, and Kallu. We crept up the stairs as Sellappan made the standard “are you at home…? Then open the door!” Phone call. They were busy making tea, and Sellappan managed to have a whole bowl of the lovely soup they had made, though I could only manage a sip. After a glass of wine and a promise to meet up on Wednesday, we headed home.


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