Sellappan and I planned to meet up with Sujay, Supriya, Kallu and their friend Vinod at a place called Brewsky, another rooftop eating and drinking establishment in Bangalore. It took a but of finding, but we eventually spotted it thanks to Sujay’s directions to check behind the FedEx depot.

We took the lift all the way to the top, past the Chinese restaurant and the other businesses below, and got out on the fifth floor for the roof. Brewsky is somewhat American-themed, and has two levels, a lower level and a mezzanine balanced on top. The place was fairly hipsterish, with faux-rustic and recycled furniture and fixtures, and lots of cool lighting and IKEA furniture.

The food on offer was mainly American (buffalo wings, Kallu’s favourite)with a sprinkling of Asian and European dishes. I went for fish and chips and was treated to a real culinary reimagining of the British classic (fish fingers and fries with balsamic reduction). I also tried a strawberry mojito on Kallu’s recommendation. Not exactly a traditional combination but it sort of worked!

Though the service was slow, we had lots of fun chatting the night away, and the occasional power cuts only served to make us look at the stars.


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