Organic Eating – Sanjeevanam

To finish off what seems to be restaurant week, Rajini, one of Sellappan’s friends from work, invited us to Sanjeevanam, a restaurant focusing on organic, healthy products.

Rajini told us that this restaurant is one of her favourite places to eat, and it seemed that she had very high standards from the outset! She kindly gave me a wooden necklace as a gift, and I promised to wear it at the Taj Mahal when we went there.

We went for the set meal, which turned out to be a brilliant choice as all the food was lovely – very fresh and light. Rajini explained that the restaurant really focuses on local produce and doesn’t use microwaves or refrigerators. I’d really recommend trying it if you’re ever in Bangalore or Chennai.



The restaurant started to fill up as the evening went on, and I enjoyed watching the lizard that was running up and down the window opposite my seat. Not a scrap of food was left on our plates!

After the restaurant we went to Rajini’s place, a women’s only residence where she shares a room with two others. They gave me tips on the upcoming North tour, and everyone recommended Jaipur and said it was beautiful. We had to get up at 4am the next day, so we headed home by midnight to get some sleep before the big adventure.


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