Southern Recharge

Given the intensity of our Northern adventure, I took it easy at home while Sellappan went to work (somebody’s got to). We got up at about eleven, and for me the day passed in napping, transferring photos from the camera, and generally just relaxing.

A knock at the door in the evening brought Ashwini who Sellappan had brought to give her gift of a skirt and to show some off the other goodies that had been sourced mainly from Jaipur. We had food brought from food point and Sellappan dropped off Ashwini at home.

Next, we went to see Mohan and Kowshalya, which was lovely as we hadn’t seen them for ages as Mohan had been away on business. We showed them photos and caught up, and then came home.


One thought on “Southern Recharge

  1. A relaxing, well sort off, day after all your rushing about. Sounds like those night buses can be quite an adventure in themselves so you would need a day to catch your breath.

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