Bowling for Ice Cream

We awoke to the smell of home made poori which Alka had made for our brunch. I really need to find out how to make them when I get home – there’s nothing really like them!

We decided to go to the shopping centre in the afternoon and Alka went into gifts buying mode, both for me and for Sellappan as it’s his birthday on the 16th. I got a lovely scarf with a peacock design which will help keep out the draughts in colder climes.

Alka corralled Sellappan and Manu into lots of menswear departments and instructed them to try on various things, with occasional protests falling on deaf ears. Eventually Manu spotted a rack of t shirts with motorbike designs and Sellappan tried a few on to great approval. He ended up with two t shirts in the end.

On the top floor of the mall there is a bowling alley, so Sellappan, Many and I had two games while Alka cheered us on. Manu won the first game convincingly, and I wondered what had taken possession of my previously respectable bowling arm to make it constantly throw to the right. By the second game I managed to take control of it and got a decent score, while Sellappan knocked everything down much to Manu’s disappointment. We added our scores to find the victor, and more importantly the loser who had to buy the ice creams.

I had a lovely Belgian chocolate cone while the boys went for sundaes, and Alka had a hot chocolate cake. We went to Auchan to pick up a bottle opener for the bottle of wine Alka and Manu had at home.

After a lot of discussion about what food to order to go with the wine (a conversation which went around the supermarket, filled the car and then continued even as we were dialling the takeaway) we opened the wine and had a very light tea with lits of tikka. We enjoyed the wine very much, and chatted well into the night, with a little bit of ceilidh dancing thrown in for good measure.


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