Closing Time, or, The Day I Beat Myself Up

Today I suffered from a clumsiness epidemic which started more or less as soon as I got up, as I put my face in the wrong place when Sellappan stretched. I’m sure it looked very funny as I got smacked on the bridge of the nose!

Unfortunately Sellappan lost a glove yesterday, so the first thing to do was to go to Decathalon and get a new pair. On the way down the stairs he passed me the flat keys, and I chose this moment to slip off a step and land on my backside. If you’re counting, that’s two! We set off across town to pick them up and discovered them in a sale bin for a bargain price! Phew! We came back and went to food point for breakfast and to pick up my packed lunch. Breakfast was idly and vada with coconut chutney, tomato chutney and some veg korma. For lunch I went for my tried and rested parotta and egg masala – a boiled egg in an onion and tomato sauce. Sellappan dropped me off at home and went to work.

I spent the day in the flat wondering what my third injury of the day would be and feeling very suspicious of inanimate objects, I chose to sort out my suitcase a bit as everything was very jumbled. I sat on the floor next to the bed and sorted it all out, but THWAK! I bashed my knee on the wooden bedframe… Ouch! At least that was the third one out of the way!

I got a call when Sellappan got back to the apartment to come down as Mohan and Kowshalya were coming to dinner with us. We went to a non-veg restaurant which was just about to close (they must have loved us….) and had a huge and varied meal which consisted of plain rice with fish gravy, mutton gravy, chicken gravy, mutton fry, a chicken dish, another fish dish, some potato, buttermilk and something which might have been rasam but I didn’t get that far! There was also a boiled egg. I should say that most of the gravies are very thin and everything is served in little cups – the emphasis is on the variety and not the quantity.

The Spread, with Mohan's hand

It all had a bit too much chilli for me, but I wasn’t the only one who noticed! We managed most of it, with Mohan definitely taking the hollow-legs crown that evening. We finished off with a small cup of dessert. By this time all the other chairs were up on the tables and sections of the restaurant had its lights off! Whoops. We had a sprinkling of brightly coloured mouth freshener on the way out. As if this wasn’t enough, we stopped on the way home for sweet paan (no thanks) and made it back to the apartment at about midnight.


6 thoughts on “Closing Time, or, The Day I Beat Myself Up

  1. Oh dear! I have to admit I giggled after reading the first two (once I knew you weren’t really hurt of course). Well, I wonder which day you had your mishaps because I went to buy bird feeders on Saturday and came home with three ready filled ones. They have little perches attached which need to be snapped off and re-attached. Trouble was, they wouldn’t snap off. So I decided to prise them off with a screwdriver and slipped, cutting my finger. I bet that made you wince LOL. Don’t worry, it’s fine, just stopped me sewing for a couple of days grrrr!

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