Geocache 14

After a fantastic lunch with my dad at the new tearooms at Penshaw Nursery, we drove across to Herrington Country Park for a quick look. I had already spotted there were some caches in the area so I went for one (GC32C0G) very close to the car park, given the horrible weather!

Swans floating menacingly nearby.

On the first inspection I couldn’t find anything, but came back into the car to get out of the rain and have a think. The hint wasn’t obvious, but one logger said they had had to stretch, and another said they had seen the cache while approaching it. This narrowed down the possible hiding places, and by changing my perspective I spotted the cache quickly. I was only just tall enough to grab it, and returned to the car to sign the log before popping it back.

GC32C0G found! Hiding from the rain in the car...
GC32C0G found! Hiding from the rain…

The cache was held securely in place by a little clip, and I managed to wedge it back in fairly swiftly before making my escape.


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