Geocaches 16-20

I spent some time in town today finding some lovely caches around St Andrews. Seeing as I had a travel bug to drop off (my first one) I was glad to find a large container near town to send it off!

We set off to find this one first seeing as it was a little way out of town. We took a breezy walk up the hill and got there only to see a car parked right by where the cache was hidden! Luckily the car pulled away and while Caroline played with a ladybird she also spotted the suspicious pile of rocks hiding St Andrews Travel Bug Motel (GC32HE6) a purpose-built cache for the swapping of travel bugs. I exchanged mine for a geocoin (Schnapszahl Geocoin) whose mission is to reach Germany.



The next cache, Heroic Honey’s Harbour (GC19ZPP), was in the harbour and told the story of John Honey, who had taken part in a daring rescue. The small cache was in a very appropriately themed spot and was quickly discovered due to process of elimination!


The next cache, East Neuk – nooks and crannies – Lane (GC4N9WD) was in one of my favourite hidden spots in St Andrews. The container was brilliant and it was only found due to some puns in previous logs! It was the first natural cache of this type I’ve found…




After that awesome find there was an intermission…

…then came GW to GZ (GC1WVJX) which stumped me for ages, despite being in the exact right location. A different perspective finally led to the find.


I tried in vain to find The Stakes were High (GCVKVA) but was overlooked so the search was abandoned…

There was another ice cream filled interlude, after which I went to How’s the weather! (GC25EHQ), which is placed near a barometer in town, which many residents are surprised to come across!


What a successful day!


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