Dimpled Model with Curls and Colour Change

This model was designed my Meenakshi Mukerji and appears in her book Exquisite Modular Origami.

I had previously made this model without the colour change, but having been on a jaunt to Hobbycraft with Caroline I had a lovely pack of coloured/white paper to try out. With a rainbow to choose from, I went for black. There was method to the madness though, as I thought the bold stripes in the model would look very striking in black and white.

Adding the colour change element only took two extra folds, and I completed the 30 unit model over several days, this time assembling as I went along.


The inverted sections mean that the modules hold together really well…which in turn makes fiddling the last few in tricky, but I got there without glue.


The finished model is about 10ins in diameter when folded with 5ins square paper.



4 thoughts on “Dimpled Model with Curls and Colour Change

  1. Wow that really looks fantastic. No wonder you enjoy doing origami when you can make something as neat as that.

    1. Thanks! The units are fairly simple so they’re easy to keep neat, plus you get to do 30 the same so you can practice lots and hide any bad ones on the bottom. 😉 I really like this model, it’s so sharp and angular, especially with the colour change.

      1. My Dad used to make birds from paper and small boxes with lids. All one colour though so not as striking as this one of yours.

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