Geocaches 22-24

After a successful first run for me, Terri and I decided to pick up a few more local geocaches. For the first one, Long Beach Netty (Gandhi’s Temple) (GC3RVGA) we did a few laps of the building before picking it up.


After signing and replacing we went to Cornthwaite Park for the next challenge (GC30TV7). The first challenge was avoiding this bush!


But we managed, finding the container dangling on a wire.


The need to eat chips was growing, but as our favourite chippy was close by, it would have been rude not to go for this one (GC3VRYZ) at the Pullman. The coordinates were a bit off for this one on my device, but once we came back into the light we found it swiftly.



The shiny black container blended in nicely with the black gloss paint on the train, but the train could definitely do with some restorative attention. Three out of three and our chips were well deserved.


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