Geocaches 25-27

Seeing as we were out and about, Terri and I picked up a few more local caches.

The first cache in the park eluded us, and I had a quick look for the cache “Sunderland” (GC50AFR) with the hint “sign”, found it, signed the log and didn’t even take a picture. Terri had already found this one so “enjoyed” hanging about while I unearthed it.

The next cache (GC30TPP) was a bit more exciting, being a disco cache (disco meaning disguised container) and we found it casually flung on the floor in a discreet spot. I moved it to the grass to take a prettier picture.



It was hidden in plain sight close to an electric car recharge point. I always really enjoy the hidden in plain sight containers, especially if I walked by them plenty of times pre-geocaching.

Finally, another drive-by on the coast road led us to a cache (GC30TWR) by the windmill, easily fished out when stood at GZ – there was only once place it could be really!



Mission accomplished.


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