DNFsVille and first earthcache – geocaches 28-30

A slightly damp geocaching adventure with Terri yesterday started extremely strongly…

We started with a couple of close together caches in Whitburn village. The first, “Well I Never” (GC3377Y) was a quick find and involved some slow motion jumping to grab the cache.


Log signed and replaced, we went back for the second cache (GC3TXVT) which we had to “root around for” according to the clue. We rooted for a while before getting our hands on it.


We didn’t have to disturb any bluebells…

We ticked these two off very quickly before heading to the next one feeling full of triumphant joy. Alas…we then failed to find a whole lot more!

We did find our first earthcache though! Earthcaches aren’t hidden as such, but they’re interesting geographical features. You navigate to them in the usual way and then you need to answer certain questions about the place to log the find. We found the Earthcache at Cleadon Pond (GCQ389) before refuelling with a bean toastie.

As a last ditch effort to increase the day’s find count, we went back to our two previous DNFs from another day, and DNFd them again. One day we’ll get them!


2 thoughts on “DNFsVille and first earthcache – geocaches 28-30

  1. I’ve never participated in this activity, but my brother’s family does. It looks interesting. I like getting a chance to learn more about it through your blog. 🙂

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