The West Harton Mineral Line and Geocaches 39-41

Two Geocaching adventures with Terri in one week? What could go wrong?

Another local jaunt this time to East Boldon and the West Harton Mineral Line bridleway. Much of this runs alongside the Metro line. We made use of the Metro car park to grab the cache W.H.M.L. #8 (GC4KHR5).

A pretty spot for a photo.

Our next success was with #6 in the W.H.M.L. Series, the Horse’s Step (GC4KHQ3). It was a swift find as we knew what kind of container we were after, and it was in the first place we looked. A nice spot with an interesting story in the cache description.

Part of the Bridleway, the Horse’s Step
Cache in hand (that joke never gets old)

If you’ve found 6 and 8 you really should find number 7… (GC4KHQF) so we did. This was the first cache of this type that I’d found, and was flush with the ground covered by a handy bit of debris. We unearthed the cache quickly without any nettle stings on this occasion!

Not nettled here.
Not nettled here.

There were two DNFs today, one of which resulted in a nettle sting (the BTB series in Cleadon claims another victim…I got stung with BTB W (GC2X5PA) whereas Terri was got when we DNFd the BTB S cache () the other week. and we were foxed by a cryptic clue on our first attempt at cache Triumph in the skies… (GC32R6D)


4 thoughts on “The West Harton Mineral Line and Geocaches 39-41

  1. I think the BTB man puts those nettles there on purpose. We are going to be fearful when looking for the other one as these things tend to come in threes…

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