Monday – Geocaches 46 – 50

Here follow Monday’s adventures… Terri’s adventurous mam Helen decided to come with us and was a fantastic good luck charm.

We started off back at Whitburn Pond (GC30TAX) which was a disguised cache we’d failed to find a couple of times. This time it was a case of “Did we check here…? Aha!” A very good disguise nicely hidden. It kicked off our night nicely! It later transpired that we were spotted emerging from the bushes by a friend of Helen’s…oops!


Next up, another of the Cleadon BTB Series, BTB – Cleadon N (GC2X1Y1). Despite the nettles, this time there were no stings. We were just about to give up when a final rummage in the ivy turned up the cache. That’s two down now! We noted down the clue and moved on.

BTB, another one down.
BTB, another one down.

Next we went up the hill to Cleadon Water Tower and got a close up view. The cache (GC2F314) was hidden very well on the information board. I managed to spy it and Terri got hold of it. Meanwhile a horse made snorting noises in a field close by.

Cleadon Water Tower
Cleadon Water Tower

We headed to The Cliffhanger (GC3CDMZ) and were almost put off by the massive nettle and long grass patch, but we bravely soldiered on and found the cache. This was the first cache I’d ever found with money inside! 6p! We charitably left it for the next finders…


Our third find from the BTB series, BTB S (GC2X1X2) had previously been a DNF. We were determined, and Terri made excellent use of her full waterproofing once again to go deep into nettle territory. Grabbed it straight away! We made a note of the clue and got it back in place.

Sunset over the field
Sunset over the field

Flushed with success, we had a quick look at Academy Path (GC4ZA3R) again, but to no avail! Next time maybe…


2 thoughts on “Monday – Geocaches 46 – 50

  1. I am so enjoying reading your “finds”. The whole thing seems like a lot of fun. You have collected quite a lot now. I wonder if they will be harder to find when the plants grow up around them in the summer. (If we get one!)

    1. Glad you’re enjoying reading about them. 🙂 It is lots of fun, but you’re right about the greenery – it is making things a bit more challenging. Nettles have been our biggest enemy so far!

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