Night Cache! Geocaches 51 and 52

For the first time since my first Geocaching adventure, this cache search began after the sub disappeared – the only time Terri and I could get together yesterday! We headed to Whitburn Bomber (GC30THF), conveniently close to parking as Terri was still limping a bit! Nonetheless, we donned waterproofs and big boots and headed through the soaking field under the cover of duskness. This cache was a very quick find indeed, mainly due to the low number of choices to hide it! My catcher’s instinct seems to be starting to develop. We signed the log and moved on.

Surely red would stand out?

Flushed with success, we walked South towards Tyne Ferry 5 3/4 (GC4D5E4). After negotiating some long grass we searched all over the sign before getting our hands on the cache. As we signed the log, we enjoyed Seaburn’s lights and the view back over the beach.

Seaburn lights


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