We had definitely looked everywhere…Geocache 53

After DNFing previously, Terri and I had another go at Manhole (GC4HZ88), another cache by our cache-setting nemeses.

The field.

Halfway into a field, we encountered a manhole cover on a square brick platform. Knowing we were looking for a nano, which are almost always magnetic, we searched the cover for ages, even bowing the water out of the two big holes to double check them, and came up with nothing! As always with a DNF, you always think you must have missed it in an obvious place. Even a fingertip search all around the edge of the metal plate where it joined the plate turned up nothing. Despite climbing onto the cover and jumping into a hole behind it to check all sides, we were doing nothing.

Challenge accepted.

We knew the cache was somewhere on there though – everything else was long grass. When we finally unearthed it on top of the bricks, we were very impressed with the hide! And also pretty pleased to log it and get out of the rain…

Tools of the trade - and the cache!


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