I have had a guitar for a little while now and have had a few battles with it, trying to get my hands to do the strange things it demanded. My friend Jon has helpfully started to show me a few things to do with it over Skype and started to iron out some of the basic problems I was having. This has been really useful, but the strings are still hurting my hands which makes it hard to practise. Also, my hands aren’t especially strong. I bought a ukulele, on advice from Jon that this would be a useful and entertaining thing to do. He was right! Here it is… image When I got it home yesterday I spent some time tuning it (more on that story later…) and watched a video which taught me three chords  – C Major, F Major and G Major.

For future reference, they’re here:

C – 0003

F – 2010

G – 0132

The surprising thing was that I was able to make fast progress. I’m not saying it was effortless or that my fingers didn’t hurt after a while (which they do after playing the guitar for even a few minutes), but after messing about with it for a bit, I was able to do everything in the video apart from the songs. It has already made my mam laugh until she cried at a song of her own composition, and it has been in the house less than 24 hours. On the useful side, it’s certainly helping me get the hang of strumming and placing my fingers on the fret board, which will help with the guitar too in time. n.b. In the middle of writing this post I was looking for the video above and ended up wandering to another video and playing more… this is how trying something new should be!


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