Edinburgh Caching – Geocaches 78 and 79

My friend Aimee was visiting from Austria, and happily she made it to Edinburgh so we could catch up! We had no real plans in the city until we could meet friends at 6pm, so we just wandered about and I had a go at a few caches because, well… it would be rude not to. Our first success was with a new type of cache for me – a webcam cache. You go and stand in front of a webcam at the specified coordinates, and then use software on your phone or ask a friend to log into it from their computer at home. Jon took this picture for us “Wolfing it in the West End” (GCHWAP).

Webcam Cache
Webcam Cache

This was lots of fun to do – I don’t really know why but it really appealed! We arranged to see Luke, another friend of ours, and decided to get the tram to a lovely restaurant across town – an excellent excuse for a go on the new trams, and a great opportunity to grab a mystery cache that I had already worked out the answer for. I quickly found the right spot for Tramspotting (GC5359Q) which has a funny description (probably even funnier if you’re an Edinburger) and is well worth a look.

A quick and cheeky multi!
A quick and cheeky multi

After this quick find we jumped onto the tram and went for a well deserved pile of Chinese dumplings at Chop Chop. Yum!

Later, the three of us attempted Greyfriar’s Bobby (GC3B3R2) but had no luck! We had a hunt around for a bit but couldn’t see where the cache could be. Happily, we did meet a nice German family who were doing the same thing. We left before they did, but happened to bump into them while crossing the road to Waverley Station a few hours later – they didn’t find it either!

Maybe next time…


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