Geocaches 100 and 101 – More DNFs off the list!

Terri and I met up for a quick post-work cache as part of the Blue Moon Challenge (GC4ZJ1Z).

Found the last of the BTB Cleadon series (GC2X5PA) with Terri after missing it last time – I was on the right track during our last attempt but when I hunkered down to have a proper look I sandwiched a nettle and stung my legs and so with a cry of “nope nope nope” the search was abandoned. Now the nettles are dead and we were triumphant!

Woudn’t want to post the exact cache…

This was my 100th find, too, and containted the final clue for us to have a go at the final mystery cache (GC32XAH) hidden somewhere in the villiage.

We still had some time before Terri’s prior engagement, so we decided to go for another previous DNF – Academy Path (GC4ZA3R) which the cache owner had given us a hint on. As with other previous DNFs we were totally certain that we’d checked this spot and found a box-shaped hole, but no!

No need to stray onto private land.

We found it straight away looking just as it was described. Completely flummoxed as to how we missed it on previous occasions! We dropped off a travel bug and picked up a new one to move on.

The Blue Moon Challenge list is now…

10/08/2014 – GCQ1R9 – Marsden Rock Earthcache
09/09/2014 – GC4ZA3R – Academy Path


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