Lemon Cake v1.0

I made a lemon cake in between making a Sachertorte – why have one cake when you can have two? The recipe I used for the cake part itself was this one from Delia’s site. I wouldn’t use it again, mainly because it results in hardly any cake!

Smells good!

To make it lemony, I added the zest of one lemon, chopped as small as I could make it.

After I made the cake I split it through the middle and added some lemon drizzle to the cut side of the bottom half. The drizzle is just lemon juice and sugar, use the juice of 1 lemon and about 60g caster sugar. Mix it together and dissolve as much of the sugar as you can. I juiced the lemon I’d zested and made up some drizzle – I reserved a few tablespoons of juice for later. The important thing to remember with the drizzle is that it’s quite potent, and you don’t want to totally soak the cake as it’ll just fall apart. Just use a couple of tablespoons on each half for a thin cake like this one.

I also made up some lemony buttercream – a basic recipe can be found on the BBC website. I stuck a little bit of lemon juice into it as well, just for the sake of completeness. I only added about a teaspoon at a time and tasted it before adding any more. Also, I used caster sugar because I didn’t have icing sugar.

Haven’t used one of these for ages.

Once this was done, I spread a generous layer of lemon curd on one of the cut sides of the cake, and buttercream on the other. I always find it easiest to put icings and fillings in the centre of the cake and then push them out towards the edges. If you pull the icing back (especially from a surface of cut cake) you end up dragging crumbs up and potentially damaging the cake. Leave a quarter inch or so around the edge of the cake to stop it from squishing out of the edges when you make the sandwich.

Shiny lemon cake with artistic zest bits.

After sandwiching the cakes together, I pierced the top of the cake with a skewer a few times and added the drizzle to the top, which is why it looks shiny in the pictures. I chucked on a bit of lemon zest to make it look a bit prettier!

If you’re looking for a good lemon cake, I’d definitely recommend the lemon drizzle cake on BBC Food. You can always cut it in half and put fillings in that one if you’d like to!


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