Caching in Leeds – Geocaches 102 and 103

I was in Leeds for work, and managed to squeeze in a few caches – along with a few DNFs! It was quite busy though, so I didn’t search too long or too conspicuously for the ones I missed.

I started at Roger Stevens’ Nano (GC3KQ9Y) but there were far too many people around to have a good search. I checked the obvious places as discreetly as possible, but came up with nothing.

I moved on down the hill to Leeds Web-Cam Cache (GC24CD) and Jon helped by taking the webcam picture. It was a bit tricky to spot me as it’s not exactly high resolution, but by following instructions on where to stand and by making myself into two dots with my bag, Jon managed to spot me and take the picture. There’s something very fun about these ones! I was happy to see this was the oldest webcam in the world, having been placed in 2001!

Camera is up there somewhere.

Next was a short multi, GGS3 (GC15QCW),which involved reading some information and working out some coordinates.

Useful information excluded from the picture!
In the lobby at the teaching hospital.

I managed to solve it fairly quickly thanks to the clear clues, and soon had the final cache in my hand. I was really happy to be able to bag a multi in the short time I had, as well as a webcam.

I had a very quick glance at Park Square Cache (GC11KQE) and That was then this is now 6-7-8 or 3-4-1 (GC2QPX2), but in the end decided I’d better get my train!



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