FTF! Geocache 111

Terri and I had a bit of surprise geocaching when #3 Metro Line Trail – Seaburn (GC5F1E2) I think the best way to tell this story is to show you the log… so here it is.

FTF with Mistydune! 23:47 25/10/14. I was staying with Mistydune tonight, when…

“Goodnight” “Goodnight” … I thought I’ll just poke through my emails before going to sleep… *New geocache at Seaburn Metro Station*. “Terri..” “What?” “Are you asleep?” “No…” *Goes and stands outside the door* “There’s a new cache at Seaburn Metro…no logs… do you fancy a go at…” – Door opens, Mistydune has already layered up and grabbed the car keys. Three minutes later we were at GZ.

Driving… “Where is it at the Metro Station?” “Looks like it’s directly on the station!” “Can it be..?” A speedy search ensued, and revealed the cache in its hiding place. Misty performed a retrieval and we saw something we had never seen before… a pristine log! Then a Metro pulled in… “Look like we’re waiting for someone.” Once the crowd dispersed there was a swift signing and we jumped for joy at our first ever FTF!

First first to find!
First first to find!

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