Stitchalong – Family Tree – The Snow Road









To my own surprise, I have made progress on my project!

The full project

Not a lot of progress, mind you! I bet you can’t spot it!

Snow close up

Here it is – I have finished the snowy road beneath the car’s tyres. It’s really difficult to stitch white beads onto white plastic with white thread!

Bumper beads


I have also popped the bumper on the car. I needed to do something other than white on white on white. I’ve now got a full 13 rows of stitches on my 75X75 stitch project. I wonder if I’ll find some more time for it over the next three weeks!

Here are the links to the other participants’ blogs: Claire,  Gun,  Kate,  Carole,  Avis,  Alison,  Jule,  Elizabeth and Wendy. We’ll be posting every three weeks. I can see they’re getting along well…


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