The burger and the seal

I had a lazy day, planning my trip to Taipei and doing a couple of little errands. When I finally ventured out for breakfast I discovered that the dumpling shop I’d been planning to go to was closed! A minor disaster.

After finishing my errands I found a shop selling hot baked sweet potatoes nearby, so got one of those and a bottle of juice and went back home to enjoy it.

Just as I was finished I got a message from Mei to tell my my seal was ready. This was something I really wanted to have made while I was in China. It’s a stamp carved in stone with your initials, and is used like.a signature on art works such as calligraphy and paintings. While I’m certainly no artist, so have done some Chinese calligraphy and thought it would be cool to have my own seal to stamp my work with if I made something I was proud of.

I was given a Chinese name by my first Chinese teacher, so I have always stuck with it. A few days ago Mei had found an antiques shop which did the seals and carved them, and got everything set up for me. All I had to do was pick it up.

I took the bus about 45 minutes across town to the shop and got there easily thanks to Du. As soon as I walked in the assistant knew me and handed me the seal, showing me the result of stamping it. It looks great! The writing style used on the seal is not the same as modern Chinese, it’s a Qin dynasty type which looks very different to the modern style. I was in the shop less than a minute, and took the bus back across town to meet Rob and Annie for tea. Annie treated us to a meal at a lovely Western restaurant. We had burgers, pasta, salad and fries, as well as some enormous chocolate milkshakes which were phenomenal.

The food really did taste Western, which isn’t necessarily always the way when you’re abroad. We all really enjoyed our food and took a slow walk home.

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