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Pea and Mint Soup

Today I made some Pea and Mint Soup, from this recipe on BBC Good Food. There aren’t too many ingredients – in the end I didn’t use the lemon or the crème fraîche either. I decided to make plenty for tonight’s tea and for a few lunches next week, so I made it with 1kg of peas and upped everything else too. Even with the kilo of peas, this is a pretty cheap recipe.


The weird thing I found about this soup was that there’s no frying of onions and garlic to get things going. Instead, you simmer the potato, garlic and stock together until the potato is really soft.


Then you throw in everything else except the dairy (if you’re using it).


I used almost all of my mint plant. The mint flavour does develop after it sits overnight though.


After everything had been added, it was time to blend it with the stick blender! This took ages, and it still wasn’t very smooth.


We reheated the soup at tea time and it was fairly well received, though the texture was still sort of bitty from all the pea skins. Maybe the dairy would have helped with that. The flavour was nice though.

Edit – Tuesday lunchtime: This soup started to ferment and was visibly bubbling when I took it out of the fridge the next day. Argh! I’ll not be batch-cooking this again.