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DNFs in Sunderland – Geocache 149

Terri and I got onto the metro, but only got as far as Sunderland when the service was suspended… That put paid to our idea of riding around and grabbing metro caches! Unfortunately, the day had started how it meant to go on, with a whole lot of bad luck. It wasn’t all bad though – we had lots of fun and a 6-mile walk into the bargain.

We started off at Park Lane, where we discovered that the cache which had been archived. After a bit of lunch we headed off to SideTracked – Sunderland (GC5NX1F). Despite a good squint around at the correct spot, it wasn’t to be found.

Not to be put off, we headed back across town to Mobray Park, looking for the well-named cache Mowbray Park – (GC4WDEX), which we had failed to find in the past. The DNF struck again and we didn’t manage this one either.


Next on our list was a multi on the edge of the park – W.M.#23 We will remember them ~ Mowbray Park (GC5EY9V). We did all the calculations at the location, but unfortunately couldn’t find the final! We were feeling pretty disheartened by now!

We decided to take a little break in the Winter Gardens for a change and regroup, and walked around the garden for a while.


We headed out of town towards the bridge, but stopped off to search for Church Micro 7959…Sunderland – St Mary (GC5X4E0). Needless to say we came up empty handed there too. We hoped crossing the river might change out luck.

W.M.#40 We Will Remember Them ~ Stadium of Light (GC5JVG8) was next on the list. This is part of the series based on War Memorials, and the statue here was quite unique with its SAFC connection. We did the required calculations and went to the indicated spot… and there was the cache! We were so happy to find it!


We searched for a reprieve across the river by the Stadium of Light, looking for the Stadium of Light Multi (GC4X2C1). We got to the final location just fine, but couldn’t find the final! At least we got a walk around the stadium and found some very fitting plants.


Finally, we decided to call it a day. I hope we can find them again some other time. Fingers crossed.



First to find race–Geocaches 141-143

My phone went off and signalled a geocache had just been published near by. Then another one came in straight after! I called Terri and off we went, after frantic discussion about which one would be the best chance to get a first to find. We opted to go for Tree’s a crowd (GC5V7MH).

Tree was a nearly a crowd when mistyduneTerri and I arrived to find another cacher already searching! Having scrambled our respective helicopters we were quite surprised to have been beaten to GZ, but we all spent a good few minutes more looking! Eventually I went the opposite way to the other two, driven by a hint, and the cache was ours! Joint FTF with our searching companion! As soon as the log was signed…”Right… See you at the next one!”


And so the challenge continued to St Benet’s (GC5V7Q7), as we raced to our vehicles…

…the drama continued as we wondered who would be the first to arrive. It wasn’t us! Our caching nemesis had unearthed it only moments before, but we shared in the FTF. It was great to meet another cacher and share the hunt!

To round off the evening, we went back to a cache we had missed on a previous hunt. Part of a series on war memorials, W.M.#62 We Shall remember them ~ Whitburn (8GC5NEB). It had not been there, but was replaced when we had our second try. We had solved the puzzle earlier. A telltale pen lying on the ground hinted that we were in the right spot! The tall one grabbed it in no time this time around!

Churches, Red Houses and 15 Years – Geocaches 138 – 140

After a gloriously lazy morning finishing off my book, it was time to geocache!

The weather was absolutely horrible! So why cache today? 15 years ago to the day, Geocaching was born! As such, there was a new souvenir to collect on Geocaching.com, and who can resist a new .jpg for their profile?

Terri and I headed out to pick up some local caches that have sprung up over the winter. We started off with Attention Defici… oooooh shiny (GC5PJNQ), which is nearby the National Glass Centre. When we got to the parking place we were surprised to see this:


HMS Ocean is staying in Sunderland this weekend. It’s a really huge boat. We walked up onto the glass roof of the centre to get a better look. This is the weird view you get up on the roof – the gift shop many floors below.


Terri hoped that these designs weren’t covering up the cracks!


Back to the geocaching though. We found the cache near the Red House, a sculpture nearby the National Glass Centre.


Quite a view from the living room.


After a short drive up in the hideous weather, we ended up on top of the cliffs at Roker. The picture below doesn’t do justice to the wind and rain we were enduring by this point! Traditional Bank Holiday weather.


Next up, Top Bombing (GC5NM3R). Continuing the military theme we headed for a multicache set near an old Sea Mine.



We solved the clues from the nearby information board, and ran along the clifftops to the final location to keep warm. The elements didn’t want us outside today. Once we got to the final location, we quickly hunted out the cache and signed the log.


On the way back to the car, I picked up Church Micro 6343…Roker (GC5CCZ7) – which Terri had already found. Still freezing, we ran back to the car.


From one church micro to another, the next one on the list today was Church Micro 7369…Whitburn (GC5NA9Y). In our own traditional style we headed straight for the church in Whitburn. Except it was the wrong church. Whoops. Still a nice church though.


Nearby Whitburn Parish Church is this other red house The Red Cottage, which has cricket-themed decorations.


Anyway, we were in exactly the wrong place for the church micro. We walked back through the village towards W.M.#62 We Shall remember them ~ Whitburn (GC5NEB8). The War Memorials series is a relatively new one, and you complete them by reading information on the monuments which reveals the final location of the caches. The church micro series has really taken off, with at least 7000 in the UK. I wonder if the W.M. Series will do the same.

Before going to the final location for this cache, we went to the Methodist Church in Whitburn (the correct location this time) but were unable to unearth the cache. We had similar luck with the final location of the war memorial cache. We should have quit while we were ahead!

At the end of the adventure, we were left with a couple of new DNFs in the area as well as our finds – it’s been a while since we’ve had some local DNFs to grab! The souvenir unlocked itself and presented us with a new mission of finding various types of cache on various days throughout the summer. I wonder if we’ll manage it!

Caching in Leeds – Geocaches 102 and 103

I was in Leeds for work, and managed to squeeze in a few caches – along with a few DNFs! It was quite busy though, so I didn’t search too long or too conspicuously for the ones I missed.

I started at Roger Stevens’ Nano (GC3KQ9Y) but there were far too many people around to have a good search. I checked the obvious places as discreetly as possible, but came up with nothing.

I moved on down the hill to Leeds Web-Cam Cache (GC24CD) and Jon helped by taking the webcam picture. It was a bit tricky to spot me as it’s not exactly high resolution, but by following instructions on where to stand and by making myself into two dots with my bag, Jon managed to spot me and take the picture. There’s something very fun about these ones! I was happy to see this was the oldest webcam in the world, having been placed in 2001!

Camera is up there somewhere.

Next was a short multi, GGS3 (GC15QCW),which involved reading some information and working out some coordinates.

Useful information excluded from the picture!
In the lobby at the teaching hospital.

I managed to solve it fairly quickly thanks to the clear clues, and soon had the final cache in my hand. I was really happy to be able to bag a multi in the short time I had, as well as a webcam.

I had a very quick glance at Park Square Cache (GC11KQE) and That was then this is now 6-7-8 or 3-4-1 (GC2QPX2), but in the end decided I’d better get my train!


Monday – Geocaches 46 – 50

Here follow Monday’s adventures… Terri’s adventurous mam Helen decided to come with us and was a fantastic good luck charm.

We started off back at Whitburn Pond (GC30TAX) which was a disguised cache we’d failed to find a couple of times. This time it was a case of “Did we check here…? Aha!” A very good disguise nicely hidden. It kicked off our night nicely! It later transpired that we were spotted emerging from the bushes by a friend of Helen’s…oops!


Next up, another of the Cleadon BTB Series, BTB – Cleadon N (GC2X1Y1). Despite the nettles, this time there were no stings. We were just about to give up when a final rummage in the ivy turned up the cache. That’s two down now! We noted down the clue and moved on.

BTB, another one down.
BTB, another one down.

Next we went up the hill to Cleadon Water Tower and got a close up view. The cache (GC2F314) was hidden very well on the information board. I managed to spy it and Terri got hold of it. Meanwhile a horse made snorting noises in a field close by.

Cleadon Water Tower
Cleadon Water Tower

We headed to The Cliffhanger (GC3CDMZ) and were almost put off by the massive nettle and long grass patch, but we bravely soldiered on and found the cache. This was the first cache I’d ever found with money inside! 6p! We charitably left it for the next finders…


Our third find from the BTB series, BTB S (GC2X1X2) had previously been a DNF. We were determined, and Terri made excellent use of her full waterproofing once again to go deep into nettle territory. Grabbed it straight away! We made a note of the clue and got it back in place.

Sunset over the field
Sunset over the field

Flushed with success, we had a quick look at Academy Path (GC4ZA3R) again, but to no avail! Next time maybe…

Park and Cache and a few DNFs off the list – Geocaches 34-38

As Terri was encumbered by a dodgy ankle, we resolved to take it easy and do caches that had parking very, very close by. Two of our DNFs from last week fitted the bill exactly, so we started with those.

As is often the case with DNFs, you don’t know how you missed them in the past! After a bit of raking around we spotted this one (GC4D5DZ) from the roadside with no raking in the foliage necessary. A spot of trampled grass might have lent us a small clue, but we tried to re-spike it a bit after we had leaned in!

To scale.

Next up, another DNF from last week – Somewhere over the Road… (GC52EHA) fairly quickly found by eagle eyes. This one takes the prize for loveliest logbook – a handmade one! It was great to find a cache that was bigger than a nano for a change too… though I do enjoy a good nano…

Handmade log book

We were very happy to get two DNFs off our list! Next we headed to one of the Beating the Boundries series in Cleadon (BTB Cleadon E – GC2X32R) to see if we could get a start on the series after failing to find BTB Cleadon S (GC2X1X2) the other week.

Got it!
A nice view from our first BTB find.

Pleased with our three-in-a-row we went for another new (to us) cache in Whitburn village (GC30TAX). This one was a disco cache (disguised cache) which we couldn’t find! We’ve a few disco caches on our list of DNFs now, and at least two are by the same person. We headed back towards the coast for Not Another Black Nano (GC4D5E9), which wasn’t.

Accurate title

With the promise of some travel bugs, Terri was lured to the Lizard (GC31E3M), but the bugs had sadly departed. Nevertheless, every find counts and we got it quickly thanks to obvious geocaching rock.

Where could it be hidden?

A productive day out!

DNFsVille and first earthcache – geocaches 28-30

A slightly damp geocaching adventure with Terri yesterday started extremely strongly…

We started with a couple of close together caches in Whitburn village. The first, “Well I Never” (GC3377Y) was a quick find and involved some slow motion jumping to grab the cache.


Log signed and replaced, we went back for the second cache (GC3TXVT) which we had to “root around for” according to the clue. We rooted for a while before getting our hands on it.


We didn’t have to disturb any bluebells…

We ticked these two off very quickly before heading to the next one feeling full of triumphant joy. Alas…we then failed to find a whole lot more!

We did find our first earthcache though! Earthcaches aren’t hidden as such, but they’re interesting geographical features. You navigate to them in the usual way and then you need to answer certain questions about the place to log the find. We found the Earthcache at Cleadon Pond (GCQ389) before refuelling with a bean toastie.

As a last ditch effort to increase the day’s find count, we went back to our two previous DNFs from another day, and DNFd them again. One day we’ll get them!