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Birthday Cake

It was my mam’s birthday today, so I made a cake to celebrate. I chose the classic Victoria Sponge Cake, partly due to a range of dietary restrictions. Even so, I think it’s hard to beat a nice plain sponge with jam and too much buttercream. I used the recipe available on the BBC Good Food website. I was using large eggs, so I only used three and a half. I didn’t want an eggy sponge.


The mixture comes together nicely, especially if you cream the butter and sugar together first. Sifting the flour made the sponge nice and light.

I didn’t have two 20cm tins, so I just baked this all together. The only problem with this is that the outside can get overdone, especially the top. I turned the temperature down by twenty degrees after the first twenty minutes, and covered the top with some baking paper. After twenty more minutes at 170, the cake was nicely cooked through. I left it to cool (the most annoying part!) and then cut it.


I made almost double the buttercream so I could fill and ice the cake. I daresay you could do some more adventurous decorating on top of the buttercream, but I just used candles.


You can’t knock a classic. Even if it is a bit wonky.



SAL Update

…there is no update!

I have not done a stitch! Go and read someone else’s!

Here are the links to the other participants’ blogs: Claire,  Gun,  Carole,  Avis,  AlisonJule,  Elizabeth and Wendy.

Oops. 🙂

Stitch Along – A Tree Grew!

A tree grew!

One more tree.

It has beads on it.


And here’s the full project!


Here are the links to the other participants’ blogs: Claire,  Gun,  Kate,  Carole,  Avis,  AlisonJule,  Elizabeth and Wendy. We’ll be posting every three weeks. I can see they’re getting along well…

Stitchalong – Family Tree – More Miles

Well, three more weeks have gone by and I’ve done a lot more white stitching.

Invisible Stitching

I was on holiday the week before last, and put another few more miles on, taking the project to Cornwall and back via Bristol and London. But as you can see, I did find some time to add yet more white stitching!

Bead work

There’s still plenty of white to go!

Slowly but surely.


Here are the links to the other participants’ blogs: Claire,  Gun,  Kate,  Carole,  Avis,  Alison,  Jule,  Elizabeth and Wendy. We’ll be posting every three weeks. I can see they’re getting along well…

Stitchalong – Family Tree – The Snow Road









To my own surprise, I have made progress on my project!

The full project

Not a lot of progress, mind you! I bet you can’t spot it!

Snow close up

Here it is – I have finished the snowy road beneath the car’s tyres. It’s really difficult to stitch white beads onto white plastic with white thread!

Bumper beads


I have also popped the bumper on the car. I needed to do something other than white on white on white. I’ve now got a full 13 rows of stitches on my 75X75 stitch project. I wonder if I’ll find some more time for it over the next three weeks!

Here are the links to the other participants’ blogs: Claire,  Gun,  Kate,  Carole,  Avis,  Alison,  Jule,  Elizabeth and Wendy. We’ll be posting every three weeks. I can see they’re getting along well…

Stitchalong – Family Tree

My mam is a keen crafter, and I have a project I need to finish. As such she invited me to join in her Stitch-ALong (or SAL) which means I am supposed to post about my project regularly and show the progress I’ve made. As I’ve been ill, I already missed the first deadline for posting (oops) but I had at least made some progress to show! I’ve sneakily backdated my post though…

The project I’m making is called “Family Tree” and is a beaded cross-stitch kit I bought when I was on holiday in Vermont last year. I made some progress with it then, and then took it to India with me when I went there, adding more to it in between trips. Despite having about 12,000 miles on its odometer there is still some work to do!


The full picture

It’s my first attempt at a beaded project, and I’m finding it slow going because of the material I’m stitching onto is punched plastic rather than fabric. The holes are huge and the plastic doesn’t offer my needle any friction when it goes through, so it’s a little strange. I’ve been told by the knowledgeable one that the reason it’s on stiff plastic is because of the weight of the beads, which would warp aida.

Here are a few pictures of my project – can you see where I’ve made the progress? I can’t..! Hopefully I’ll have something more dramatic to show next time!

Strange plastic sheet and beads.

Here are the links to the other participants’ blogs: ClaireGunKateCaroleAvisAlisonJuleElizabeth and Wendy. We’ll be posting every three weeks.

Seaglass Studs

I have been making some very simple seaglass jewellery to give as gifts on my travels. I have a decent-sized stash of seaglass that I collected while living in Fife, and a friend recently road-tested this simple stud design for me and gave it the thumbs-up.


You have to use a special adhesive for the glass/metal combination, and this cures in sunlight. I don’t yet have a drill, and I think I’m going to stay away from drilling the glass as much as I can – I prefer to keep the glass in its “natural” state if possible.


This pair have already been chosen by my mam!


I wonder if I’ll find any seaglass in India…