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Action Stations at The Bridge–Geocache 146

Just a quick pop in to this event to meet some cachers and grab the souvenir for the Geocaching 2015 Road Trip! (GC60D65). My first souvenir of the road trip.


A Souvenir by: Geocaching HQ

Additional Information:It’s an old geocaching saying: “Sometimes the best finds are other people.” And where better to find more geocaching friends than at an event? You earned this souvenir during the Geocaching Road Trip ‘15 by attending a Geocaching Event. Learn more about the Geocaching Road Trip ‘15 at geocaching.com/roadtrip”


Marsden Rock Earthcache and One in a Blue Moon – Geocache 93

Yesterday my mam assisted me with a cache and dash Earthcache close to home. I’ve often walked past Marsden Rock Earthcache (GCQ1R9), so didn’t feel too bad just leaping out of the car for the snap – plus it was absolutely necessary that I found a cache on that date. Why?

Aside from this being a find in its own right, I took my first step towards completing the Blue Moon Challenge Cache (GC4ZJ1Z).

The challenge is to find 13 caches on days when there is a full moon. A blue moon, according to the cache description, is the second full moon in a calendar month – something that doesn’t happen very often. Interestingly, I was lucky enough to discover this challenge cache at a time when there are 12 full moons before the next blue moon… so I’m able to claim 12 consecutive full moon finds, and find the blue moon challenge cache as the final 13th moon, which is also a blue moon day! Very pleasing…

Naturally, Terri is also in on this action, but she is on holiday just now. So committed is she, that she bravely nabbed a cache yesterday as well – despite not being on top form health wise. So we are both still on track to complete the Blue Moon Challenge… More on that next month!

Invasion! Geocaches 54 and 55

A visit from Matthew (an out-of-towner) necessitated a tour of Newcastle taking in the sights, and the Newcastle Invasion geocache (GC3Y1AF) fitted the bill perfectly. This cache is a multi-cache, which means there are lots of intermediate stages before the coordinates of the final cache are revealed. We had a lot of fun going around the various sights, finding mosaic aliens all over the city. One of the aliens evaded us, and we missed another one in the Baltic by accidentally waiting too late so it closed – despite having gone into the Baltic and played in the lift earlier in the day!

We didn’t have quite enough information on the first day to complete the cache, so the next morning we had another go at the one we’d missed in the town centre. It was completely obvious where the alien was! No idea how we missed it… We plugged the answers into the clue given, and came up with a set of viable coordinates. These led us to a lovely little spot where we quickly grabbed the cache and signed it. I really enjoyed this one! We headed down to the quayside to watch the bridge tilt and popped into the Baltic to photograph the alien we’d missed…just for the sake of completeness.


We also revisited another cache in the centre of town, Meet Under the Clock (GC235X2). I’ve had a few goes at this, but this time a clue from a previous log gave me the prod I needed to look closer at something.

You are here.

I showed Matthew the site of a cache I’d found before, Eldon Square from … New to Old (GC4T967). Which is a brilliant hidden-in-plain-sight cache. He found it very quickly – three in one day isn’t a bad start!

Geocaching in Newcastle – Finds 10-12

Spoiler Alert!

I spent an hour or so geocaching this morning with my dad – his first outing.

We went for four caches in total, and managed to find 3 out of 4, not bad considering they were all urban micros and nanos!

The first port of call was for the Travel Bug Footie Follower, which we took to a cache (GC4P4KE) near St James’ Park, as requested by the mission. The bottlecap sized cache was too small to leave the TB, so it is still with me until I can find a cache big enough to take it.

Visiting the Gates

The second cache of the day (GC1PJKH) was in the cloisters area of Newcastle, and it was also quickly found once we decided on the right side of the building, about the size of a film canister and well disguised too. This area is very interesting and worth a peek, I didn’t know it was even there until a few years ago.

No monks today...

We then headed to another nearby cache (GC4P4KE) near a theatre, but couldn’t find it. We were pretty sure we were in the right place though, so I’ll have to check it out again sometime.

The final attempt of the day (GC4T967) was successful, with a really cool nano cache ‘hidden in plain sight’ which blended in beautifully with its background. It didn’t even look like it wasn’t part of the structure it was stuck to. Fab!


I’ve still yet to tackle a multi, but that will have to wait for another day. I also saw that the Travel Bug Purple Pride has moved on from where I placed it… Happy travels!