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Meeting fellow cachers, DNF knockout and Geocaches 96-99

Today was the day of our very informal geocaching meetup – Amphitheatre (GC5AGWM). We were looking forward to this, and ticking off the Event souvenir for the Seven Souvenirs of August as well as meeting some local cachers. We got to the coordinates right on time and set out our coats to sit on. It was really windy, and we hoped it wouldn’t put too many people off. I had backed the logbook in gold paper to make it stand out and catch the light. We saw a few potential attendees hovering around the area and were discussing whether any of them would approach us. Just then, Jesmond Lynam strode towards us from across the amphitheatre asking “Are you geocachers?”. The direct approach scored him the invented honour of “First to Approach”…

No FTF for an event, but first to approach deserves a tip of the hat – many others had been circling for longer!

We had a great time meeting fellow cachers, swapping stories about caches we’d done, caches we’d DNFd, puzzle solving and more. Some people stayed for the full two hours, and others only made a flying visit. Ice cream was eaten, tips were shared and it was great fun putting faces to names. It was the first event for both of us, so we were really chuffed people had got into the spirit of it and come along.

After the event, and buoyed up by others’ stories of finding caches that we’d previously DNFd, Terri and I headed back to Whitburn Colliery (GC32WNP) which we had both (separately) DNFd in the past. Inside the clump of trees we spotted the cache half exposed and full of slimy water…not great! Terri signed the log for us and we hefted up the rock to replace it.

Nicer than the cache!

Now you know what it’s like – you find one cache that had previously eluded you and then you just have to find another. We went to the site of Aunty Claire’s Birthday Cache (GC3TVH1) which has had us frustrated many times! It was a lot less green than on previous attempts. Within about two minute we had found it! It’s a disguised one, so I didn’t photograph the container…. but we were very pleased to finally get it!

Always good to showcase a bit of bird poo and masonry…

Two nemesis caches in one day? We definitely needed to make it three… so this time it was Freddie’s Birthday Cache’s (GC3TV59) turn. We must have racked up a good few visits to this one in the past, leaving no stone unturned.

Off to the cache site.

Once again, this time, the cache was in our hands in the first place we looked! Given what was around in the area, I was absolutely certain I’d tried this particular spot before. Maybe it had been away for maintenance or someone was signing it on our previous attempts?! In any case, we were very pleased to find it!

One for Lin…

Park and Cache and a few DNFs off the list – Geocaches 34-38

As Terri was encumbered by a dodgy ankle, we resolved to take it easy and do caches that had parking very, very close by. Two of our DNFs from last week fitted the bill exactly, so we started with those.

As is often the case with DNFs, you don’t know how you missed them in the past! After a bit of raking around we spotted this one (GC4D5DZ) from the roadside with no raking in the foliage necessary. A spot of trampled grass might have lent us a small clue, but we tried to re-spike it a bit after we had leaned in!

To scale.

Next up, another DNF from last week – Somewhere over the Road… (GC52EHA) fairly quickly found by eagle eyes. This one takes the prize for loveliest logbook – a handmade one! It was great to find a cache that was bigger than a nano for a change too… though I do enjoy a good nano…

Handmade log book

We were very happy to get two DNFs off our list! Next we headed to one of the Beating the Boundries series in Cleadon (BTB Cleadon E – GC2X32R) to see if we could get a start on the series after failing to find BTB Cleadon S (GC2X1X2) the other week.

Got it!
A nice view from our first BTB find.

Pleased with our three-in-a-row we went for another new (to us) cache in Whitburn village (GC30TAX). This one was a disco cache (disguised cache) which we couldn’t find! We’ve a few disco caches on our list of DNFs now, and at least two are by the same person. We headed back towards the coast for Not Another Black Nano (GC4D5E9), which wasn’t.

Accurate title

With the promise of some travel bugs, Terri was lured to the Lizard (GC31E3M), but the bugs had sadly departed. Nevertheless, every find counts and we got it quickly thanks to obvious geocaching rock.

Where could it be hidden?

A productive day out!